Yipit provides instant, insider access to all the best sales on the web and in your city.

Vinicius Vicanti and Jim Moran, Co-Founders of Yipit, are fanatic about promoting a happy culture at their company. When they saw Delight, they immediately signed up to offer additional perks to their employees. “Happy people lead to happy products,” says Vin.

History of Yipit

Yipit remarkably grew out of a three day project in February 2010. “The idea was to organize all of the daily deals that were happening at the time and put them in one place and then people could sort of sign up and say what they’re interested in and they’d get a daily digest of the best deals that we had found that matched their preferences.” It took off from there. Yipit is now 25 people and has raised over $7 million in funding and they’re on their way to becoming profitable.

How Yipit Recruits Employees

“For us almost everyone who has joined Yipit has been a referral of a current person at Yipit. We’ve interviewed many many people, but the absolute best people that we’ve recruited have always been referrals from some of our best people which is why it’s so important for us to make sure that everyone at Yipit is very happy. Because the way in which our team grows is really by our happy team members referring their friends that they should work at Yipit because they’re so happy and their friend could be very happy.”

“Delight has done a great job of simplifying the entire process. It allowed us to give a perk to our team members without having the overhead of administering it.”

Yipit’s Company Retrospective

“One of the big things we do is every two weeks is get the whole company together for a company retrospective. We talk about all the things that are going well and all the things that could be better. Then everyone votes on the stuff that could be better. Someone raises their hand and volunteers to address that issue and two weeks later they present to the company how they fixed that issue. That’s led to so many different improvements in the way the office works, how the team works, and company improvements. If anything is frustrating people, we find out about it quickly, and try and fix it.”

Why Yipit Uses Delight

“We are very much focused on everyone here being happy including myself and my co-founder. We believe that ultimately happy people lead to happy products, which lead to happy customers, which leads to monetization which is a virtuous cycle, because it allows us to hire more happy people. My number one goal here is to make people happy. Anything that people do or use at Yipit that makes them happier at their job, Yipit wants to support. For instance, with Delight, one of the things we really liked about it was one of the perks about listening to music. We noticed including myself that one of the main ways we focus on work is that we put our headphones on and listen to music. So from our perspective that was a great opportunity for Yipit to provide a perk or a way to help our people here at Yipit focus on their work. We wanted to make sure anything like that that we wanted to support. The way we sort of think about it is if giving out this perk means an extra couple of people end up listening to music while at work and as a result focusing more it more than compensates for any of the costs associated with the program itself.”

How Employees Like Delight

“People love Delight. When we did our retrospective after we announced that we had signed up for Delight. One of the things people talked about in the “going well” was the fact that we were using Delight and specifically the Music feature. I think people really appreciated that. I think what was really nice for us that it was actually going to be really painful to work with Spotify, iTunes and that whole process. Delight has done a great job of simplifying the entire process. It allowed us to give a perk to our team members without having the overhead of administering it.”

How Perks Impact Hiring

“It’s pretty straightforward. We like to provide perks that make people happier at their job. If they’re happier at their jobs that means they’re going to be more productive. Happier people at their jobs are more likely to recommend people to come join Yipit as well. We believe that ultimately if we make people here at Yipit happy, then they’re going to brag to their friends, they’re going to talk to their friends about how great Yipit is, etc.”

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