A ticket search engine that makes finding tickets to live entertainment a cinch.

When Jack Groetzinger, Co-Founder of SeatGeek, decided he wanted to give additional perks and rewards to his employees, he asked his entrepreneurial friends in New York City for their advice. They told him about Delight. He signed up in March 2013 and is thrilled with how well it’s been received by his employees.

History of SeatGeek

SeatGeek was founded in Boston in 2009 by two friends, Jack Groetzinger and Russ D’Souza. “I was briefly enrolled in a PHD program doing research in the ticket market so that was part of it,” says Jack. “We were also avid event goers and amateur ticket brokers. So we started SeatGeek in late 2009. The basic idea was buying tickets online sucks and we thought we could make it better. We built a ticket search engine with the main values being (1) really good seat mapping, (2) an immersive search experience where you could see exactly where you’re going to sit and, and (3) comparing tickets from multiple places at once so you didn’t have to search lots of different sites. We wanted to help people figure out what’s a good deal and a what’s a bad deal.”

Why SeatGeek Uses Delight

“Delight is a unique perk for employee retention and attracting new talent in that it has an oversized positive perk in employees’ minds versus what it actually costs the business. You could pay people an extra $100 a month and that’d be nice, but that’s still only point-something of their salary. If you give something concrete like house cleaning for free every month, that’s a lot more tangible and substantial in the employee’s mind. Delight facilitates that whole process and makes it painless.”

“Delight is a unique perk for retention and attracting employees in that it has an oversized positive perk in employees’ minds versus what it actually costs us.”

How Employees Like Delight

“They love it. Delight has a lot of stuff that appeals to our guys and girls. Everyone subscribes to music, for example, and they love that Delight makes it so easy for them.”

How SeatGeek Uses Rewards

“A big thing we try to do is create an atmosphere where people don’t have to worry about the pragmatics of life. They can focus on work at work, then focus on relaxing when they’re not at the office. Offering cleaning service to our employees is a good example of what we want because employees don’t have to worry cleaning their apartment when they get home. Similarly we do basic things like pay for transportation when people stay late. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to get home.”

How Perks and Rewards Impact Hiring

“It can be tough communicating perks to potential hires. There’s a credibility problem if you’re recruiting and say you have great perks but can’t point to something specific. But with Delight, we have very real perks and rewards we can point to,” says Jack. “With Delight you don’t need to fake it.”

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