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How do I get started using Delight?

You can start using Delight within minutes of signing up. We make it very simple to get started as we don’t ask your employees to register accounts. You simply need to add their email addresses to get started. In fact, there is no user registration for anyone but those whom you choose to make Administrators of your account. After you’ve added your employees’ email addresses, you can add Perks and send Rewards.

How much does Delight cost?

We charge a service fee of $5 per employee per month. You’ll get access to over twelve categories and thirty perks to give your employees. If you’re a large company, we offer a volume discount. Please email us for details. If you have any other questions about our pricing, check out our Pricing page.

Why is Delight better than the other options I'm considering?

There are more than a few reasons why Delight is the best option for improving employee happiness.

  1. Discounts aren't effective. There's a difference between "here's a discount" and offering something special.
  2. Choose what's right for you. Build your custom employee recognition program tailored to your company's culture.
  3. Easy to offer. Big impact. Reward your employees while you focus on building your business.
  4. Quality over quantity. Select perks and rewards from the very best products and services.

Will my employees need to register accounts to use Delight?

We wanted to ensure that Delight was really simply to set up and requiring employees to need to register accounts would have prevented that. There’s no registration for employees. We only ask for their email addresses so that we can send them Perks or Rewards to redeem. Your employees get a secure, randomly generated web address whenever they need to interact with Delight.



What's a perk and how do I add one?

A perk is a monthly gift to your employees that they receive every month. For a full list of perks you can offer your employees, browse our Marketplace or click "Perks & Rewards" when logged in. To add a perk, click on "Perks & Rewards", browse through our eleven categories, select the amount if it’s a category that has more than one amount and click on the green “Add Perk” button. All of your employees will receive an email with a link to redeem their perk.

What perks can I offer my employees?

We have twelve categories and over thirty perks you can offer your employees. Our most popular categories are Music, Books, Coffee and Tea, Cleaning Services and Movie Tickets. You can see a complete list of categories and perks in our Marketplace. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, please email us and we can look at adding it for you.

If I offer a Perk such as Music, what do my employees get?

Part of what makes Delight’s Perks and Rewards so fantastic is that they’re not simply discounts to services that your employees won’t use. When you offer your employees Music, for example, they get to choose between a subscription to Spotify or a credit to iTunes to buy music. You get to make everyone as they get to use their favorite service.

If an employee does not use their Perk or Reward, do I still pay for it?

We do not charge you for Perks and Rewards that an employee does not choose to use. For example, if you’re a ten person company and offer Music and only seven people redeem it then you only pay for Music for those seven people. You are not charged for the remaining three people.

Can I change the Perks that I offer to my employees?

Yes, you can choose different Perks every month if you want to. When logged in, you’ll be able to see how many of your employees are enjoying each Perk you’ve added and adjust accordingly. It’s fun to mix it up and we’ve found that many companies using Delight will adjust them seasonally. For example, offering Transportation during the winter months when it’s cold outside and switching that to Fitness during the summer.

Can an employee choose different services each month from the Perks that are available to them?

Yes, employees can choose their favorite service within a category. We didn’t want you to have to guess or ask your employees what music service they prefer the most. Delight works so that you only have to choose the category you want to give your employees. We do the rest.



What's a reward and how do I add one?

A reward is a one-time gift to one or more employees. For a full list of rewards you can offer your employees, browse our Marketplace. An example of an appropriate time to send a reward would be when the sales team exceeds their goal, to the winning team at game night or to thank someone for working late. To send a reward, click on "Perks & Rewards", browse through our eleven categories, and click on the blue “Send Reward” button. A pop up will appear where you can choose to send it to everyone or specific employees, include an optional message, select a category and amount. You’ll be able to review it on the next screen before sending it.



Why don’t I need a username and password to use Delight?

We wanted to make sure that using Delight was really easy to do as well as private and anonymous for you. We don’t ask for a username and password because we didn’t want to require one more thing from you. The way you’ll access Delight is through the link in emails you receive from us, which is generated specially for you and shouldn’t be passed around.

My employer sent me a perk or reward, how do I access it?

If your employer has sent you a perk or reward, you will receive an email containing a unique link for you to redeem it. Click the link in the email to choose the service you prefer. For example, if your employer has given you Music, you can choose between Spotify and iTunes. If they’ve added Music as a perk, then you will receive an email from us every month to redeem it again. The link in the email we send you is unique for you and shouldn’t be shared with anyone else.

How do I access past perks and rewards codes that I’ve redeemed?

If your employer has sent you perks and rewards in the past, any of the links in the your previous emails from us will grant you access to your past codes. Click the link to link to open Delight, locate “All codes” in the top right of the page, and click it to see all of your past codes. The link in your email is unique for you and should not be shared with anyone else or they will have access to your past or future codes. Please email us if your link has mistakenly been shared with someone else.

Can I change my perk to a different service than what I previously chose?

If your employer has given you a Perk then you will be able to change to a different service every time you redeem it.