We care about company culture.

Read more on how Delight started and how passionate we are about helping companies.

Our Story

We strongly believe that employee happiness goes hand-in-hand with building a successful company. Companies who emphasize the well-being of their employees will make it easier for themselves to recruit, to retain talented people, and to have a more positive working environment.

Delight was founded by Spencer Fry and Mike Potter in 2012 out of their office in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. Having both founded successful Web companies with a strong focus on culture and employee satisfaction, they wanted to take their combined knowledge of human resources, operations, and culture to help others succeed.

While Spencer and Mike emphasized culture and employee happiness at their previous companies, it was often time-consuming, unstructured, and uncertain because there were few great resources to guide those efforts. Spencer and Mike looked for an automated Web service to manage on-going Perks and one-time Rewards, so they could focus on making their companies great and their employees happy.

They couldn't find what they wanted, so they built Delight and launched publicly in May of 2013. It’s now being used by hundreds of employees across the United States. We’re here to help you build the best company in the world to work for.