Offer perks and rewards to your employees.

Delight makes it really easy to put a smile on your employees' faces.

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Awesome Perks, Unique Rewards

Your employees are your most important company asset. Treat 'em well with awesome perks and rewards.

Use to measure and improve employee happiness


Automatically send perks to your employees on a monthly basis. Employees choose their favorite service from the perks you've added.

How do Perks work?


When an employee goes above and beyond by staying late or working all weekend, you can reward them with something special.

How do Rewards work?

Employee Perks They’ll Actually Look Forward To Getting

Over 30 employee perks across 13 categories to choose from.


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Why Our Customers Love Us

  • Yipit Read full story

    Vinicius Vacanti

    Co-Founder/CEO of Yipit

    Delight has done a great job of simplifying the entire process. It allowed us to give a perk to our team members without having the overhead of administering it.

  • Fitocracy Read full story

    Brian Wang

    Co-Founder/CEO of Fitocracy

    Delight makes our employees feel that they are being recognized and rewarded and definitely has improved the overall experience and gotten people more excited.

  • SeatGeek Read full story

    Jack Groetzinger

    CEO/Co-Founder of SeatGeek

    Delight is a unique perk for retention and attracting employees in that it has an oversized positive perk in employees’ minds versus what it actually costs us.

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